Wala Registration: Cream Puff Stuff Like That There WALA 00021173
Name: Bentley
Date of Birth: 2 December 2019
Colour: Chocolate Phantom Tri
Size: Medium 17 inches, 28 pounds
Coat: Straight, fleece coat
Health: OFA hips, Excellent, elbows clear, PPG disease panel – clear

Bentley comes to us all the ways from New Jersey.  This gorgeous boy has a pedigree that is entirely distinct from any at Van Isle Doodles allowing us to infuse some great new genetics and create some new lines for our program.

Bentley’s guardians tell us he is a breeze to teach things to and that his goal is to always please his people.  He is intuitive, intelligent, loyal and also provides plenty of love and laughter to his family.

Bentley is very adaptable and adept at fitting into any situation.  His doggie manners are excellent and all the girls seem to love him as much as we do.  We are so excited for Bentley’s puppies to start making an appearance in 2021.

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