Wala Registration: WALA 00007749 Van Isle’s Saint Bernadette
Name: Bernadette
Date of Birth: 7 July 2018
Colour: Red sable parti
Size: Mini – 15 inches, 18 lbs
Coat: Straight fleece coat
Health: Pending

Bernadette is the sweetest little bit of beautiful fluff you will ever meet.  She is spirited but very well behaved and mannered.  Her guardians have done an amazing job keeping her wonderful, lively, fun nature intact while having her always perfectly behaved. 

Bernadette is our smallest girl but has a huge heart.  Bernadette can’t wait to meet new people and new dogs.  Her guardians tell us that she sometimes simply does not want to finish her walks so she can meet more new people and their dogs.

This little one has a stunning sable parti coat and is as cute as a button.  We are very excited to see the puppies she brings to Van Isle Labradoodles.  We’re sure they will be every bit as charming as she is. 

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