ALAA Registration: Fern Ridge's Star Debut at Van Isle Doodles ALAA 039021
Name: Bijoux
Date of Birth: 22 September 2014
Colour: Apricot/red with white markings
Size: Medium - 18 inches, 30 lbs
Coat: Straight, fleece non-shedding
Health: OFA and CERF classified as excellent

Bijoux is our Australian Labradoodle large mini apricot cloud of fluff. She is absolutely gorgeous with the Australian Labradoodle trademark teddy bear face and a soft straight apricot coat that does not shed. This little angel isn’t just a pretty face though, she has all the characteristics of the breed make it so popular: clever, comical, incredible desire to please and adaptable to any situation. Seldom have we been fortunate enough to enjoy such perfection. She truly suits her name Bijoux which is French and means jewel.

Bijoux retired in 2018 and enjoys retirement as an only dog with her wonderful family.