Wala Registration: Van Isle’s Cinder Ella WALA 00006438
Name: Ella
Date of Birth: 2 September 2017
Colour: Black with white abstract markings
Size: Medium - 18 inches, 30 lbs
Coat: Straight fleece coat
Health: Hips – excellent, CERF and elbows – clear/normal, PPG Panel all clear

Ella is friendly, happy, always has a big smile and wagging tail. Ella shares many of her Mama Bijoux’s characteristics. 

She adores swimming and romping around outdoors.  Ella also likes to flip over upside down so you can admire and rub her beautiful tummy.  You can really see the gorgeous white markings Ella has when she is upside down.

This beautiful Labradoodle will offer us some lovely puppies with that magical combination of terrific temperament, gorgeous good looks and excellent health.

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