Wala Registration: Van Isle Kahlua WALA 00019838
Name: Kahlua
Date of Birth: 15 August 2019
Colour: Chocolate tri phantom
Size: Medium - 18.5 inches, 35 pounds
Coat: Straight, fleece coat
Health: Results pending

Kahlua lives with her Mama Breezy as Breezy’s guardians wanted to continue along with Breezy’s lines.  Kahlua is a big, snuggly, Teddy Bear.  Exuberant, goofy, loving and always bouncy, this girl captivates everyone’s imagination of a fun dog to have around.

Always mischievous and curious, Kahlua is frequently found investigating things that other dogs might not even notice.  Her innate curiosity and sense of adventure makes her a delightful dog to be around.  Happy, confident, full of life and endless smiles makes this girl a magnet for compliments. 

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