Wala Registration: Van Isle Kali Lou Breeze WALA00065808
Name: Kali
Date of Birth: 23 March 2021
Colour: Chocolate phantom
Size: Medium
Coat: Fleece
Health: CAER - Pass, OFA - Good

This beautiful chocolate phantom labradoodle is a gentle loving soul. Kali is a medium girl with graceful movement and a soft spirit. Kali is 42 pounds and 18.5 inches making her a perfect size for active families and kids of all ages.

Kali’s guardians tell us she is intuitive, intelligent and willing to please her people no matter what. Kali enjoys swimming at Cowichan Lake where she enjoys cottage life with her family. Boating, paddle boarding and relaxing by the camp fire are all passions of Kali’s.

Kali’s beautiful chocolate phantom colouring with her soft, fleece coat turns heads wherever she goes. Kali’s puppies will embody her gentle demeanour and love of outdoor life. Kali puppies will be a perfect match for families who love the West Coast lifestyle.

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