Wala Registration: Van Isle Kuro Kishi WALA 00039237
Name: kURO
Date of Birth: 22 jULY 2020
Colour: Black Solid
Size: Small Medium 17 inches – 24 pounds
Coat: Wavy, fleece coat
Health: OFA Excellent, elbows clear, Genetic Disease Panel – all clear

Kuro Kishi means black seashore in Japanese.  As the sand near us in Crofton is black, we choose this name for him.  Kuro’s personality is like the ocean, playful, free and expansive.  He runs like the wind and enjoys every single moment of every day.

Kuro embodies the wonderful gentlemanly nature of his Papa, Copper.  He is kind, wise and thoughtful.  He also exhibits the playful, loving and gentle qualities of his Mama Ella.  This small, medium, multigeneration Australian labradoodle exudes all the qualities that make this labradoodle breed so popular with families, singles and children. 

Full of curiosity and intelligence, this labradoodle stud is going to give us puppies with incredible temperaments as well as dashing good looks.  Kuro will give us puppies in chocolate, black and cream depending on the girl he is paired with.  Regardless of colour, we know they will all have his irresistible charm.

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