WALA Registration: ALAA Registration: Ivy Lane’s Ruby Red Dress WALA-00006485
ALAA Registration: ALAA Registration: Ivy Lane’s Ruby Red Dress ALAA 064989
Name: Laynee
Date of Birth: 5 November 2017
Colour: Red
Size Large Mini – 17 inches, 24 lbs
Coat Straight, fleece coat
Health Hips – excellent, CERF and elbows – clear/normal, PPG panel all clear

Laynee is our gorgeous red head all the way from Pennsylvania. She always gives us lots of kisses and her tail goes a hundred miles a minute.

Laynee carries for black, red and chocolate.  She is able to produce tri coloured, sable puppies or the phantom pattern.  This means she can create puppies of all colours depending on what male she is paired with.

A delightful girl with a most enjoyable temperament and lots of color.  Laynee has it all going on!

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