Misha is sitting square at the camera in this picture looking right at the camera. She has really unique colours and patterns, in this photo you can really see the black diagonal blaze accross her chest


Wala Registration: Van Isle Misha le joyau noir WALA00063006
Name: Misha
Date of Birth: 7 December 2020
Colour: Black parti
Size: Medium
Coat: Fleece
Health: CAER - Pass; OFA - Good

Misha is our black and white parti girl who should be yellow to match her sunny disposition.  This large mini/small medium Australian labradoodle is the perfect example of all that has made this breed so popular.  Funny, intelligent, happy, loving and loyal wrapped up in a gorgeous package.

Misha’s guardians adore her and say she fills their lives with optimism and joy with her infectious, happy attitude.  Misha’s qualities will allow her labradoodle puppies to be confident, contented puppies who love to meet people, play and give endless, unconditional love.

Misha is using her physical prowess to good advantage as well.  Misha loves agility classes as well as playing fetch and seeking out new adventures outdoors.  Always ready to try anything and everything, Misha makes life full and complete.

Misha facing a little to camera right with her face looking at the camera
Great action shot of Misha running and her hair flowing, she is mid stride and leaning into turn to camera left
Cute picture of Misha sitting and up on her back legs, one paw in the air as if she was clawing at something imagined
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