Wala Registration: Van Isle Milky Java WALA00011681
Name: MJ
Date of Birth: 30 December 2018
Colour: Chocolate Sable
Size: Medium, 18 inches, 32 lbs.
Coat: Straight, fleece coat
Health: OFA hips, elbows eyes all normal, PPG Panel all clear

This striking girl is full of affection, fun and a zest for life.  MJ adores going for walks, exploring new hiking trails and time spent on the boat with her guardian family.  MJ is an avid swimmer.  She is a true Vancouver Island girl who loves summer!

MJ is a delicious milk chocolate colour due to her sable influence.  MJ’s unique colouring will allow her to produce puppies with rare colours and patterns ranging from cream through to black.  Gorgeous tonal shading throughout their coats will be a highlight of MJ’s offspring.

MJ is a happy, confident girl who loves to show us her fabulous structure as she flies like the wind chasing her dreams.  We know MJ is going to make a lot of dreams come true with her puppies.

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