Wala Registration: Van Isle J Pod’s Orca WALA 00039878
Name: Orca
Date of Birth: 14 August 2020
Colour: Black and white Tuxedo
Size: Medium 18 inches – 32 pounds
Coat: Wavy, fleece coat
Health: OFA - Good; Elbows - Clear; CAER - Pass

Orca’s name comes from a resident killer whale pod that lives around Vancouver Island.  Orca’s distinctive black tuxedo pattern resembles the same pattern as the killer whale.  Her distinctive pattern is a highly sought after one in the labradoodle world.  This medium Australian labradoodle puppy not only has a gorgeous pattern but she also has the wonderful temperament labradoodles are famous for.

Intelligent, intuitive, well-mannered with endless kisses and love are what Orca is known for.  Orca’s desire to please is typical of the Australian labradoodle breed.  Her effortless ability to interpret human emotions and desires forges an indelible bond with her humans.

We look forward to Orca passing on her many engaging characteristics to her puppies in 2022.  Her Mama Spirit has produced outstanding puppies for Van Isle Doodles.  We look forward to Orca continuing the tradition.

Applications are not yet open for this litter, but you can sign-up for our Early Access email list.

Applications are not yet open for this litter.