Wala Registration: Van Isle Copper Penny WALA 00038119
Name: Penny
Date of Birth: 21 March 2020
Colour: Red caramel
Size: Small medium 17 inches – 26 pounds
Coat: Loose curl fleece coat
Health: OFA - Good; Elbows - Clear; CAER - Pass

Penny gets her name from her copper colouring and her Papa whose name is Copper. Penny is also bright and shiny just like a penny in terms of her personality and looks. Intelligent, affectionate with a very calm personality, Penny enjoys her life next to the ocean at Campbell River.

Penny is happiest snuggled up with her family giving and receiving endless kisses and love. Penny is fiercely loyal with a strong bond to her humans. She is a homebody who is most comfortable being surrounded by her family soaking up all of their love for her.

We anticipate Penny will pass on her steadfast nature, willingness to please and calm approach to her puppies. Papa Copper is a true gentleman and Penny is the female version of her Daddy. We anticipate great things from our lucky Penny.

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