Wala Registration: Van Isle Poised For Success WALA 00071404
Name: Posy
Date of Birth: 6 September 2020
Colour: Caramel
Size: Mini
Coat: Fleece
Health: OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Clear
PPG Panel Clear

A posy of flowers is where Posy gets her name from. Posy is petite, strikingly beautiful with her golden caramel tuxedo coat and has a very gentle way about her.

Posy’s guardian Mom tells us she has always understood from the beginning that her “sister”, Charlotte, another Van Isle Doodle, is the head of the household. Posy never challenges Charlotte’s role as head girl. It’s this lovely soft nature that Posy has that drew us to her initially.

Posy enjoys visiting her Guardian Grandma who lives upstairs. Posy exhibits her strong intuition by being extra gentle around Grandma. When Grandma and Posy go for a walk together, Posy is careful not to go too fast or do any pulling on the leash.

With her human “sister”, Posy shows her fun side to the world. She loves to go on adventures, go to the beach and enjoys just goofing around being a dog.

Posy’s soft mannerisms combined with the fun side of her personality will be something her puppies share. A wonderfully balanced dog.

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