Wala Registration: Van Isle Rippling Juniper’s Rowan WALA 00087858
Name: Rowan
Date of Birth: 15 December 2022
Colour: Black Sable
Size: Petite
Coat: fleece coat
Health: OFA - TBD
Elbows - TBD
CAER - Pass

Cheeky, clever and cuddly all describe Rowan, a petite Australian Labradoodle girl who is a real head-turner. While she may not know what she looks like, she sure knows how to showcase her cuteness with her gorgeous long eyelashes!

Not only is Rowan beautiful on the outside, she is also incredibly loving on the inside. She wholeheartedly embraces everything she does and is fiercely loyal to her Guardian family. While she adores all people, her special bond with her Guardians is evident through the looks she reserves for them and her desire to be close to them above everyone else.

When Rowan visits Van Isle Doodles, her wild side is set free. With 5 acres of space to explore, she spreads her wings and runs like the wind. Rowan’s athletic build allows her to cover a lot of ground with her far-reaching strides, keeping up with even the bigger Labradoodles. But it’s her big heart that truly sets her apart. She is tender, caring, and gentle with people, wearing her heart on her sleeve and giving it to you entirely.

Rowan comes from a lineage with a strong therapy component, evident in her intuitive ways and superior intelligence. She is always aware of her surroundings and people’s needs. Her mother, Juniper, is an emotional support dog, and Rowan has inherited those qualities.

Cute, fun, athletic and full of cuddles – Rowan embodies all the qualities that people love about Australian Labradoodles. With her gorgeous, non-shedding coat, she truly is the perfect dog.

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