WALA Registration: WALA00007752 Barksdale Old Boys’ Club aka Smoochers
Name: Smoochers
Date of Birth: 11 May 2018
Colour: Chocolate
Size Mini – 16 inches – 19 lbs
Coat Straight fleece coat
Health Hips: Good, CERF and elbows clear/normal. PPG panel all clear FF

Smoochers comes to us from our great friend, Al Gordy, in Mississippi.  Smoochers is a force to be reckoned with.  He never stops grinning and is always in motion from his non-stop wagging tail to his huge smile and twinkling eyes.

Smoochers adores everyone in the world and assumes everyone adores him equally.  He likes to have the full attention of each person in his domain at all times.  He also loves to watch television and talk to the animals he sees on the various shows.  Smoochers also thinks growling at his reflection is a wonderful way to pay the time.

Smoochers is the male version of Ripple in terms of temperament.  A self-proclaimed “legend” in his own mind, full of sass and charm.  Intelligent, loving and full of joy.  This little fella has got it going on! 

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