Wala Registration: Van Isle Tipped Effect WALA 00037496
Name: Tippy
Date of Birth: 4 April 2020
Colour: Chocolate Parti
Size: Large mini 16.5 inches – 26 pounds
Coat: Wavy fleece coat
Health: OFA - Good; Elbows - Clear; CAER - Pass

Tippy is a fluffy bit of enthusiasm, smiles and boundless excitement for life and what it offers.  This little dynamo is almost a mirror of her Mama Ripple in terms of her gorgeous looks, soft wavy coat and infectious personality.  To meet Tippy is to have a better day. 

Tippy has not yet met a person or a dog she didn’t love.  Gregarious, confident and oozing charm, this little dynamo is the full meal deal.  She has it all going on in terms of smarts, looks and personality to spare.  We love this little girl as much as we love her Mama.

We anticipate Tippy to be a devoted Mama to her labradoodle puppies and raise them with the endless love that Ripple gives to her puppies.  Ripple and her daughters all possess incredible maternal skills giving us amazing puppies as a result. 

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