Special Effects


Clever companions in petite packages

October 8, 2024
Going Home:
December 3, 2024
Petite under 20lbs
Expected Colours:
Caramel & Chocolate
2 Spots

*Images are ‘look-a-like’ litters not the actual litter.

About the Litter

Introducing our upcoming litter of petite Australian Labradoodle puppies, known as the Special Effects litter. They will arrive in June 2024 and be ready to join your family in August 2024.

These puppies are the perfect blend of charm and convenience. With a smaller size ranging between 18 and 22 lbs, they are ideal for condos, travel, and providing cozy lap warmth. They are tailored for first-time puppy parents by being innately clever, making training easy and creating a seamless bond between you and your puppy.

These puppies come from therapy lineage and have a calm and intuitive nature. They effortlessly adapt to coexist with cats, other dogs, and children. Their soft, fleece coats do not shed, making them allergy-friendly.

The Special Effects Labradoodle puppies will come in rich chocolate, red, caramel and ebony colours. They epitomise the saying’ good things come in small packages’.

Prepare to invite warmth, joy, and a sense of completeness into your life. These puppies will offer comfort, companionship, and unconditional love, enhancing and satisfying every facet of your life. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or quiet moments with a good book, these puppies are the missing piece that will complete your world.

Labradoodle_Puppy_Dragonfly_Week 1_Group (11).JPG
*Example of a similar litter
Rowan Small Size WEb Ready (9)
About Mom

Rowan looks just like her Papa, Cloud and has the personality of her Grandma Ripple. Rowan’s Guardian family always have plenty of funny and heart-warming stories to share about Rowan.

Rowan runs like the wind. She is tiny but she can do any activity larger Labradoodles enjoy. Her Guardians enjoy hiking throughout Vancouver Island as well as exploring the many beaches with Rowan. Keeping Rowan out of the ocean can be a challenge! Rowan also enjoys playing fetch, and using her intelligence to win at hide-and-seek games.

Evenings mean cozy lap cuddles for Rowan’s Guardians as she curls up with them to enjoy a movie or read a book. She also is a great foot warmer! Rowan is fond of her Guardians’ love of entertaining. She happily welcomes everyone to her home where she shares her toys and kisses with all guests.

Rowan is the 4th generation of Peanut’s strong therapy line. Her puppies will inherit a loving nature, adorable good looks and a sassy style of love.

About Dad

Rocky is a gentleman as well as a fun, active fellow. Rocky’s Guardian, Chloe, is an avid soccer player as well as a hiker. Rocky can be seen all across Vancouver Island at the top of many vistas after enjoying a strenuous hike with Chloe. Rocky also knows how to bat his gorgeous lashes and use those soulful eyes to get Chloe to carry him in his backpack if he gets too tired.

Rocky lives with another Van Isle Doodle, Jasper. Together they make a great team, showing the world that being small means being mighty when you are part of the Van Isle Doodle team. The 2 boys enjoy romping together and cuddling together, but mostly being loved by Chloe and her Mom, Barbara.

Rocky and Jasper have both provided Chloe with a best friend while she has gone from a teen to a young woman. They’ve been her best friends, inspiration and comfort. The boys have also shared Barbara’s journey as she changed careers and accomplished incredible physical fitness goals. The 4 together are the picture of happiness and health.

Look-a-like Litters

Every Puppy Goes Home With

What is

Hand Made Collar
Hand Made Collar
Hand Made Blanket
Three small toys, a tiger stuffy, a colourful soft ball with a face and a crinkle toy
3 Small Toys
5 Generation Pedigree
A Blue and Cream health Guarantee document mock up. Looks very official :)
Health Guarantee
AN Official WALA registration DOcument example mocked up with a plain brown envelope
Official WALA Registration
Example of a Trupanion Health Insurance document used to redeem 1 month of free insurance
30 Days Pet Insurance
Vaccination passport example mocked up. Looks like a boarding pass in a booklet
Vaccinations and Deworming
Microchip pamphlet. There is no official document that goes with a microchip, it is all online.
Microchip registration
Jump start on house training, doggie door and socialisation
Getting a Puppy

How It Works

Step 1 – Find Your Litter.

Have a look through our planned litters.  Once you have decided on the litter that is just right for you and there are spots available click on the Reserve Now button to complete our application form.

Waitlist Spots: Sometimes more labradoodles than reservations are born.
If you are on the waitlist for a litter you will be the first to fill those extra spots.
If we don’t have extra puppies we can transfer you to a different litter or refund your deposit.

Step 2 – Let’s Chat.

We will review your Application within 48 hours and be in touch via email.  If you don’t hear from us, please check your junk folder.

We are happy to arrange a telephone call if you prefer.

You can also come to meet us and see our facility. Meet and Greets are scheduled various times through out the year.

Step 3 – Reserve Your Puppy.

Once all your questions have been answered and you are ready to proceed we ask for an $800 non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation.

We will provide you with a link for payment using your Visa, MasterCard or Visa Debit card. Your deposit is non-refundable but you may defer to a later litter should the need arise.

You may defer up to a maximum of three times. If you choose to defer, current pricing will apply for your second and third payments. Should there not be enough puppies in a litter to honour all reservations, your deposit may either be refunded or transferred to a future litter.

You can also check out our Purchasing Page for full details on the purchasing process.

The full kit laid out with three puppies snooping around and sniffing everything
Who is it for?
Urban Companions

If you're looking for a loyal and loving companion, our upcoming planned litter of petite Australian Labradoodle puppies is just what you've been waiting for. These puppies will bring joy, love, and companionship to your life for years to come. With their hypoallergenic coats and perfect size, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Special Effects

Clever companions in petite packages

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What’s Included?

Labradoodle_Puppy_Dragonfly_Week 1_Group (11).JPG

Frequently Asked Questions

At Van Isle Doodles we have 4 sizes of puppies:

Mini             15 to 16″ tall and 18 to 22 lbs

Large Mini   16.25 to 17″ tall and 22 to 25 lbs

Medium        17″ to 19 inches tall and 25 to 40 lbs

Standard      19″+ tall and over 40 lbs

Australian labradoodles are content with a couple of nice brisk walks each day and some indoor play time.

If you enjoy hiking, biking swimming or other more vigorous exercise, your puppy will be happy to join you in these pursuits once they are over a year old.  Large mini, medium and standard are your best choices if you lead an active life. 

If you enjoy a quieter lifestyle, a mini, large mini or medium will be quite content with a few walks around the neighbourhood, longer walks on weekends and perhaps some swimming during the warmer months.  Combine that with some good playtime in the house or backyard and you will have a happy labradoodle

ALDs have coats that grow and do require regular maintenance both at home and with a professional groomer. 

Your ALD will need to go the groomer once every 8 weeks for a professional appointment.  At home, a good brush and comb out every other day will help keep tangles at bay and maintain your ALD’s beautiful coat

Your Van Isle Doodle puppy will come to you eating a whole food diet.  Primarily this will consist of freeze-dried food that you rehydrate and serve.  A general rule of thumb is once your ALD is a year old, they will consume 2% of their body weight daily. 

          ALDs have 3 foundation breeds:

  1. Poodle
  2. Labrador retriever
  3. Spaniel

A multigenerational ALD is a dog who for 4 generations or more had only ALDs as parents.  There must also be fewer than 6 Spaniels in the pedigree over the last 6 generations.

A labradoodle is a poodle and a lab.  There is no spaniel in the mix.  These dogs tend to be a bit larger as a result.  You will hear many people refer to their ALD as a labradoodle as well as an Australian labradoodle just because the name is so long!

An Australian labradoodle has 3 foundation breeds; Poodle, Labrador Retriever and a splash of Spaniel.  It’s that splash of Spaniel that brings the ability to produce a small dog.  The Spaniel is also responsible for the Teddy Bear look that ALDS are so famous for. 

An Aussie Doodle is an entirely different breed.  This is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.  These dogs are very high energy and require a lot of exercise. 

Each dog is an individual as is each person.  A particular ALD puppy with a specific individual may not trigger an allergic response.  With another person, there may be a response. 

ALDs have a single coat and little to no dander.  This usually creates an environment without triggers for those who have mild allergic responses to most dogs. 

For families with allergy concerns, we welcome you to attend one of our Open House days to spend time with our dogs to help assess whether you have a reaction. 

We enjoy meeting our families who have an approved application on file.  We want to show you who and where your puppy will be raised. 

We have adult dogs who live with us you are welcome to spend time with.  You will be able to see the different sizes as we have mini, large mini and medium dogs who live with us.

Puppies are not available to be visited as they are unvaccinated and vulnerable to disease.  Once your puppy is born then you will be able to meet your litter in person when they are around 5 weeks of age. 

Individual parents of litters do not live with us.  We want all of our dogs to enjoy their own family for life.  Each of our breeding dogs (other than the ones who live with us) live in their own family.  You will meet the Mother dog for your litter at the Puppy Family Visit. 

Our parent dogs undergo a series of tests before being admitted into our program.  These tests include:

          OFA and/or PH for hips and elbows

          PPG ALD essential panel genetic disease testing

          PPG DNA Profile testing

          PPG trait testing

          CAER eye testing

          Temperament assessment

          Conformation assessment

Browse through the Find Your Puppy page and look for a litter that meats your requirements. You can filter by size, birthdate or parents to narrow in on the best litter for you. If you don’t have any preferences you can simply fill out the generic Application Form.

After the family visit we have a “Homework” assignment that includes a chance for you to let us know if you have additional preferences.

We take all of your requests into consideration when we begin our matching process. 

Claire, Taylor and Renald spend every day with the puppies from birth.  They each do an assessment of the puppies around 7 weeks.  Then we take those assessments and your homework to make the perfect match between you and your puppy. 

It doesn’t matter if you are first or last on the reservation list, the matching is done based on the best fit between the puppy’s personality and your lifestyle.  We have never had one of our ALD puppies refused or returned because they were not the best fit for a family. 

For more information have a look at this video:

Application Form

Are there any children in your home?
Is everyone in your household aware you are searching for a puppy?
Does anyone in your home have allergies?
Have you owned a dog before?
Do you have any other pets?
Has anyone in your family every had to surrender an animal before?
Has a therapist or mental health professional recommended your child interact with dogs or puppies?
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