One week with Spring Fling

This gorgeous rainbow litter is doing amazing. They have almost all doubled their birthweights and are starting to eliminate on their own. Their eyes are starting to open a bit, which isn’t surprising as Spirit tends to produce puppies that hit that milestone early. We expect by next week they will have open eyes. Next milestones will be open ears, eliminating fully on their own and controlling their body temperature.

Spirit Update

Spirit is a confident experienced mom, she is comfortable leaving the puppies because she knows they are safe and there is nothing for her to be concerned about. She comes outside with us, runs around with the other dogs and she likes to patrol the property to ensure everything is as it should be. She doesn’t feel the need to spend all of her time in the nest with her pups, she is happy to lay on the cooler hardwood and spend time in the main house with us. A confident mom raises confident pups, so we are quite happy to see Spirit being such a good mom.

Puppy Updates

Current Weight: 615g
Weight Gain: 267g

He is a beautiful caramel and white tuxedo. He has almost doubled his birth weight and is doing quite well

Current Weight: 556g
Weight Gain: 236g

Caramel tuxedo with beautiful white markings on her neck, head, face and little white socks. She has very nearly doubled her birth weight and is doing an excellent job nursing.

Current Weight: 676g
Weight Gain: 326g

Gleaming ebony with abstract white markings. He is currently the biggest puppy and has no problems finding his way to the milk bar.

Current Weight: 571g
Weight Gain: 262g

Gorgeous caramel gold colour with lovely white markings, including 4 white feet. Very close to doubling birthweight.

Current Weight: 583g
Weight Gain: 268g

Beautiful black and white puppy. Four white paws, lovely markings on her face and head and a gorgeous stripe of white down her body.

Current Weight: 584g
Weight Gain: 264g

The only chocolate phantom puppy, she also has beautiful white abstract markings. She is going to be a striking dog. She has almost doubled her birthweight and is doing great.

Current Weight: 507g
Weight Gain: 232g

A beautiful light caramel creamy colour with white tuxedo markings. She is very quiet and sweet, doesn’t fight for a spot at the milk bar but is doing really well.

Current Weight: 565g
Weight Gain: 312g

A darker caramel/gold colour tuxedo, her markings are a bit more prominent. She is doing really well and is just a beautiful looking dog.

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