Wala Registration: Song of the Haida Raven WALA 00079675
Name: Raven
Date of Birth: 8 April 2022
Colour: Black Tri
Size: Mini
Coat: fleece coat
Health: Pending

Like the Haida Raven she is named for, Raven is inventive, intelligent and a bit of a trickster.

Raven’s guardian, Marion, who is Haida herself, tells us how Raven learned everything before Marion even realized she was teaching it to her! Raven also lives with her doggie Mama, Dottie, and she simply watches Dottie and then copies her. Talk about using your intelligence!

Raven loves to be the trickster with her Mama Dottie. Marion tells us how she takes Dottie’s toys and hides them. Raven is all about being fun and having fun.

This mini Labradoodle brings joy into every life she touches. Her gorgeous black phantom tri pattern turns a lot of heads. Her silky, non-shedding coat makes you want to spend hours stroking her.
According to Haida legend, Raven brought the first Haida people into the world. We can’t wait for our Raven to bring her first Australian Labradoodle puppies into the world.

Raven’s Mom (Dottie), Grandma (Ripple) and Great Grandma (Peanut) have all been outstanding Mama Labradoodles for us. We have no doubt that Raven will continue the tradition and bring us outstanding Labradoodle puppies beginning in the fall of 2023.

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