Perrito Fiesta Litter 1 Week Old

twice as nice

The Labradoodle Puppies from the Perrito Fiesta litter have all more than doubled their birthweight in just one week!  As Labradoodle breeders, we always hope for our puppies to gain close to their birth weight during the first week.  Pippa is doing such a fabulous job that all of her puppies in the litter have surpassed that goal.

These mini Labradoodles are all meeting and exceeding every milestone.  They are already moving around easily and everyone is content with a full tummy and warm bed.  This level of contentment allows for the babies to focus on what’s important – growing!

Pippa loves to protect her little Labradoodles from anyone or anything that she senses nearby other than Renald and me.  If someone comes to the door she immediately sets up a terrific amount of alarm barking and proceeds to cover all the puppies up with the blankets in the whelping box. 

Close up of chocolate labradoodle puppy head, can see the individual hairs, puppy is asleep

Pippa’s protective maternal instincts are some of the strongest we have in all our Mama Labradoodles.

Breeders appreciate Mama dogs who care for their charges so well.  We know the puppies are always being well cared for by Pippa and if ever there is any problem, Pippa will be sure to let us know.

Pippa is feeling very happy with her little Labradoodle puppies too.  She is now coming out for runs around the acreage in the morning and evening.  She is confident and secure enough that the puppies will be alright without her presence 24 hours a day at this point.

We are very excited to continue to watch this litter develop in terms of their colours.  The puppies are all chocolate/red and several of them are quite likely sable.  Sable is a unique colour that often does not appear fully until the puppies are several weeks old.  We can’t wait to see how these little ones develop.  Stay tuned for more photos and information on how the Perrito Fiesta puppies change their looks.

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Purple 624 g 343 g First born. Male. Chocolate sable phantom with red tones
Green 468 g 246 g Second born. Male. Chocolate sable phantom with red tones
Blue 456 g 232 g Third born. Male. Chocolate sable phantom tri colour - white markings
Orange 514 g 289 g Fourth born. Female. Chocolate sable tuxedo
Grey 635 g 333 g Last born. Male. Chocolate sable parti
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