Razzle Dazzle are 5 weeks old

This fun little litter is more than halfway to their going home date! We had the family visit last week which is always a great time. Blue Collar had an upset tummy from the transition to solid food so he was pretty quiet during the visit, but he is feeling much better now and is quite playful. All of the puppies have started teething, so there is a lot more chewing and biting happening around here this week. They are playing with toys and getting some energy out that way. They are doing quite well with the transition to solid food: goats milk, pablum and pumpkin. We will be slowly increasing their raw food over the next few days.

Ripple Update

Ripple is doing great, she loves playing with the toys as well, her mission in life is to remove all of the squeakers from the toys. She is a very generous mom and because she lives with us we give her a little more flexibility to decide when to wean her babies. The Mamas that have guardian homes, we try to wean the puppies by the 6-week mark. But the Mamas that live here, they get a bit more option to choose.

Puppy Updates


Tri-color puppy, which means he is a full parti and a full phantom. He is a real sweetheart, he likes to play and meet new people.


Another tri-color puppy. She is very lively and outgoing. She loves to play and runs up first to greet us in the morning.


Also a tri-color, however this little one has a solid face which is quite striking. He is very playful and fun to snuggle.


The biggest puppy with a completely different look. She has a full white face, aside from her black eye. She could be a tri-color, but phantom and sable markings don’t show on white very easily. She is adorable and also the most affectionate puppy.

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