Razzle Dazzle - 3 week update

The Razzle Dazzle litter now has open ears, open eyes and can eliminate on their own. They are turning into real dogs now. They will start eating solid food soon as well. Next week they are moving into the nursery area, which is in the Doodle Den. They will be sharing that space with the nine puppies from the Café Noir litter.

As soon as they have all of their senses, they tend to look for something over their head. So these little ones have started sleeping under the pig rail of the whelping box, it gives them a cozy protected feeling.

Four 3-week old black and white labradoodle puppies cuddled on a black and white checkered dog bed.

Puppy updates

Current Weight: 1260 g
Weight Gain: 430 g

A beautifully marked, black and white parti. On the side of his head and on his eyebrows he has phantom markings.

Current Weight: 1160 g
Weight Gain: 375 g

Black and white parti, with more white than black. His face and eyebrows also have phantom markings. His face has quite a bit of white, with his chin and mustache also being white.

Current Weight: 1400g
Weight Gain: 535g

Black and white parti, with quite a bit of black on her body and really gorgeous phantom markings on the side of her face and eyebrows. Her legs are white, with a white mustache and a slash of white up to the middle of her head.

Current Weight: 1520g
Weight Gain: 578g

The biggest puppy, also a black and white parti with gorgeous markings. They swirl and look like ink that has run. She has a bit of black on her arm path. She doesn’t have any phantom markings but has a stunning black eye patch.

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