Wala Registration: Van Isle Rayne Cloud WALA 939000007540162
Name: Rayne
Date of Birth: 15 April 2022
Colour: Black
Size: Medium
Coat: Sable Abstract
Health: OFA - Fair
Elbows - Clear
CAER - Pass
PPG - Clear

Introducing Rayne, our medium Australian Labradoodle. She’s an absolute sweetheart with a gentle and kind-hearted nature. Rayne’s Guardians have shared that she’s a travel enthusiast and absolutely loves meeting new friends. She’s already explored different parts of Canada and even ventured across the United States!

Rayne is a stunning black sable beauty, weighing about 36 pounds and standing 18.5 inches at the shoulder. When in comes to producing adorable Labradoodle puppies, she can create a rainbow of colours depending on who she is paired with. Rest assured, though; her puppies will all share Rayne’s love for kids, outdoor activities and have a calm, steady demeanour.

And let’s talk about Rayne’s smile – it’s simply infectious! When she sees you, her big smile instantly captures your heart and brings a smile to your face too. And guess what? She doesn’t just wag her tail; she gives you a full-body wag, radiating pure joy. Rayne is all about big-heartedness, having a blast with kids, enjoying travel adventures and snuggling up with you. If she could talk, I expect Rayne would say the snuggles are her favourite.

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