Almond Roca Born

good morning sunshine

Just before midnight on August 12th, 2019, Hazel began her contractions in earnest and began introducing us to her amazing mini Australian Labradoodle puppies.  By 1:17 am on August 13th, all 6 of these beauties had arrived.

Hazel is a mini, chocolate Australian Labradoodle and her partner for the Almond Roca litter was Trip who is a chocolate phantom mini Labradoodle.  We anticipated some parti and phantom puppies in chocolate, cream and caramel.  We have 2 caramels, 2 chocolates, 1 chocolate phantom and 1 pure white!  The white Labradoodle puppy was a complete surprise.  We have never even seen a white Labradoodle puppy before.  She is absolutely stunning.  A standout in the litter for sure!

As an experienced Mama Labradoodle, Hazel was calm and controlled throughout the quick delivery.  She was very involved in the process and readily managed the puppies who were already born while delivering their littermates.  Hazel had lots of milk ready and the first puppy, Brown collar girl, was nursing before her cord had been cut!  Now that’s an enthusiastic puppy.  I expect she will have no trouble gaining weight and finding a prime seat at the milk bar.

Each puppy arrived quickly and easily.  All the puppies were in the correct position for easy birthing and the placenta arrived with each puppy.  Hazel dealt with everything efficiently and allowed us to weigh them and check them without any stress.  It’s incredible she delivered 6 happy, healthy Labradoodle puppies in under 2 hours.  Remarkable when you think about it.  The arrival of the white Labradoodle puppy took me completely by surprise.  There was 40 minutes between her arrival and the next puppy so I had lots of time to gaze at her in awe. 

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