Mixed Bouquet Week 6

Puppy Update

These large, mini-sized Australian Labradoodle puppies are 6 weeks old.  The time seems to have flown by with this group of puppies.  The puppies have all developed tremendous confidence this past week.  We also are observing these Labradoodles LOVE to be outside!  All the time!  There are generally a lot of protests when it is time to come once the wasps get to be too plentiful for the puppies to remain outdoors.  The puppies go out early in the morning and in the evening in order to avoid being stung by the nasty wasps we have so many of this summer. 

We have introduced the puppies to more new people and big dogs this past week as well.  We even had our favourite big dog fellow, Barney the Great Dane, over for a visit.  Like good Labradoodles, these puppies simply did a double take when the saw the size of Barney and then came out to investigate further.  I think they couldn’t decide if he was man or beast!

At the 6 week mark we begin to do more intensive assessments and observations of each of the puppies.  Like all dogs, Labradoodles tend to show their personality characteristics around the 7 week mark.  At 6 weeks we start to see things emerging.  We expose the puppies to more new things more frequently at this point and carefully observe their responses.  Desensitization has been ongoing since birth but at this point in time, it really ramps up.  We are sure to have our two staff people in more often once the puppies reach this important age so they too are able to observe the puppies and their behaviour.

Next week the puppies will undergo formal assessments using a variety of different methodologies.  Over the years, we have studied multiple different approaches to temperament testing for dogs.  We have taken the parts from each approach we find to be most reliable and useful and forged them together into our own custom Van Isle Doodle assessment process.  There are 4 of us who interact with the puppies and each of us provides assessment information on each puppy to aid in the matching process between puppy and family.  Reveal day is always highly anticipated by all.


Black Collar girl is one of the more reserved Labradoodle puppies in the Mixed Bouquet litter.  While she enjoys playing a good game of tug with her siblings, she responds most strongly to people.  Black clearly is a typical Labradoodle with their well known desire to forge deep bonds with their people.  This puppy responds quickly and favourably to people’s voices and she recognizes different tones readily.  Black responds appropriately to the tones she hears.  A great quality for a dog to have and one that sometimes isn’t present in such a young dog.

A calm puppy, Black is not upset by any of the noises we have introduced to the puppies.  With all the different people we have exposed her to, she has responded in a very positive manner.  Black adores children and is eager to rush to greet and engage with young kids.  Black is observant and aware when there is a person in her general surroundings and when there are none.  Black does not cry or whimper when there are no people around her but she will pick those periods of time to rest.  Overall, Black is a balanced puppy with excellent problem solving skills and highly developed social skills


This wild agouti colored Labradoodle turns heads!  Her unique markings draw a lot of attention and Yellow is excellent at handling that level of attention and handling.  Indeed, Yellow is the type of puppy who thrives with attention.  She seems to quite enjoy being the centre of attention and having people remark over her incredible colors.  Yellow is also a very intelligent Labradoodle. Labradoodles are known to be an intelligent breed of dog and Yellow shows us that in everything she does.  For over a week she has known to scratch at the doggie door if it is closed when she wants to go outside.  It is a significant accomplishment for a young puppy to have that figured out.

Yellow loves playing with toys and roaring through the adventure box.  Yellow delights in making the wind chimes clank away and will often run back and forth through them over and over delighting in the fact she can make that loud sound.  It’s highly entertaining to watch her and the pleasure she gets from doing that.  Strongly affectionate, yellow will persist in requesting to be held and cuddled after the other puppies in the litter have gone off to sleep or onto other activities.  Yellow is completely content when she is all nestled in against a person’s neck.  A true snuggler. 


This puppy is the communicator of the litter.  Green never hesitates to share what she is feeling with anyone and everyone.  Green has incredible eye contact and will stare right through you if she feels her wishes are being ignored.  Green is the smallest puppy in the litter but as is so often the case, she is very feisty.  Even if every other puppy is crying and asking to be let out, Green’s voice will be the one that stands out the most.  While some people find a dog who makes more noise than others to be a problem, our experience shows us the tendency disappears with age and the remaining trait is a puppy who excels at communication in many ways.  The strong eye contact tendency that Green displays further confirms this thought.

Green adores her siblings and playing with them.  She is a big fan of going outside and exploring as well as playing with the adventure box.  This little girl embraces new adventures and can’t wait to see what each new day will bring to her.  Wide-eyed, talkative and bursting with affection, this Labradoodle is going to make a great addition to a family looking for a fully interactive new member to join them. 


Right from birth, Brown Collar girl has been the leader of this litter.  Brown has extraordinary confidence and is highly inquisitive.  Brown has exceptional problem-solving skills and exhibits many traits and tendencies of her foundation breeds:  Labrador retriever, Poodle and Spaniel.  This puppy is absolutely fearless and seeks new experiences throughout the day.  The slide is one of Brown’s favourite things.  She will constantly go up and down the slide and even walk up the slide backwards.  It’s really quite something to watch her use her intelligence to work out how to master climbing up the slide rather than simply sliding down it as the other dogs do.

The slide behaviour is typical of Brown collar girl.  She will readily be the first puppy to master a new skill and then look to improve on the activity.  The slide is a very good example of how this Labradoodle uses her native intelligence to make life more challenging, fun and interesting.  This puppy is an outgoing girl with a ton of intelligence and who just oozes confidence.  She may herself in a pickle or two as she is so sure she can successfully every challenge presented to her.  She will probably train herself but she will also try diligently to train her people. 


Orange collar girl is an outgoing little one.  Orange is full of fun and life and plays her little heart out.  This girl if the type of Labradoodle who will play until she drops.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.  Orange collar will be a wonderful best friend for a child to grow up with.  She is quite gentle and has a lovely way about her.  Intuitive, sensitive and loads of fun describes this Labradoodle perfectly.  When she finally has had enough play time, Orange fits herself into the smallest of places to enjoy a deep, restorative sleep.

We have observed Orange collar to be an excellent problem-solver.  Orange shows us many signs of intelligence and she is also a highly affectionate dog.  Cuddles, snuggles and lots of kisses are all part of Orange collar’s temperament.  This is a dog who will really enjoy family fun time and be equally thrilled with family movie night.  This is the type of puppy who is adaptable and will fit in readily to any type of situation and activity.  Orange collar will establish deep bonds with her people but she will not be the type of dog who is particularly attached to just one family member.  Orange freely shares her affection with everyone who loves her back, and who could resist?

Light Blue

This gleaming, ebony Labradoodle is the epitome of what a Labradoodle should look like.  Perky ears that are lovely and highest, a face that is open and inquisitive as well as full of love, big round expressive eyes that connect with anyone she engages with and an adorable short nose that is frequently twitching.  This Labradoodle is like a glass of ginger ale, full of bubbly effervescence and she has loads of smarts too.  Light Blue is resourceful, independent and not afraid to express her dissatisfaction with things.  She is not overly talkative, she is not dependent on her siblings for entertainment but she does let you know if things aren’t right and she does love to play with her littermates.

This Labradoodle puppy is a wonderfully balanced dog who is calm and considered.  Where Brown collar jumps in with all 4 paws, Light Blue will assess the situation and determine if it is something she wishes to participate in or if she would prefer to watch her sister make a poor decision.  Light Blue is a very mature puppy but still a boatload of fun and giggles.  Affection, caring and deeply intelligent, Light Blue will bring much to her new family.

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