The Chocolate Truffle Parti Puppies Arrive

The Labradoodle population at Van Isle Doodles increased significantly on August 15th, 2019, with the arrival of Breezy and Un Bijou’s 10 puppies!  Breezy amazes us with her large litters and incredible calmness at their arrival.  Breezy manages things all on her own and requires nothing but company and moral support from us.  She is one incredible Labradoodle Mama dog. 

Un Bijou is a handsome black tri phantom Labradoodle and we matched him with Breezy who is a chocolate parti Labradoodle predicting a litter of approximately 50% chocolate puppies and 50% black puppies.  With 11 puppies we have 7 chocolate Labradoodles and 3 black Labradoodles.

Labradoodles are known for their wide variety of color and pattern and this litter of Labradoodle puppies is no exception.  As you can see from the chart, we have many different variations on the 2 colors of black and chocolate.

With 10 puppies and 8 spots at her milk bar, Breezy has to be mindful of being sure all the puppies are getting their fair share.  With larger litters, it is not uncommon for the humans to have to rotate the puppies intentionally so everyone is able to nurse as much as they need.  Breezy, however, is managing it all on her own.  She has no problems ensuring that everyone is gaining well and having a turn at her plentiful milk bar.  She certainly makes a large litter easier on us.  All we have to do is gaze in wonder at her big family and all of the gorgeous different patterns and colors.

Feeding 10 Labradoodle puppies requires a lot of nourishment for Breezy.  Ideally, we like to see her consuming about 4 to 6 pounds of raw food each day to keep up with the demands on her body.  At this point, Breezy is still adjusting to having had the puppies and while hungry, she is a bit fussy and not willing to eat that much.  We spike her food with her favourite items such as dried liver treats so encourage her to eat more.  We also get into the nest with her and feed her by hand as she is loathe to leave her little ones for more than a very short trip outside to go to the bathroom.

We will continue to cook for Breezy, offer her fresh raw food, bones and whatever else it is that tickles her fancy to keep her energy up and her milk supply plentiful.  We supplement our Mama dogs with Fenugreek to keep their milk production health, calcium to keep Mama from using up the calcium in her body and other minerals and vitamins to keep everyone in optimum condition.  We will monitor the puppies’ weight twice a day for the first 2 weeks to ensure everyone continues to thrive.

With all the unique patterns in this litter it is going to be interesting to see them develop over the next 2 months.  Things are sure to be busy and full of fun at Van Isle Doodles!

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