Licorice Allsorts are six weeks

Puppy Update

These mini Australian Labradoodle puppies have mastered the doggie door this past week.  This means the puppies are outside enjoying all sorts of adventures on a regular basis.  The puppies enjoy running around sniffing out new scents.  We have a lot of deer and rabbits so there are always exciting new scents for them to track down and discover.

One of our grandsons was here for a couple of days and he took advantage of his visit to interact with the labradoodles quite a bit.  The puppies from the Licorice Allsorts litter really enjoyed playing with him and trying to master the tricks he was teaching them.

Labradoodles are so intelligent that even at this young age they are quick to catch on to simply skills.  Our grandson was leading them through his legs and around back to the front of him with just his hand.  No treats were involved.  Only encouragement and praise. 

These puppies, as with all of our puppies, are exposed to a variety of different people to help them develop confidence and embrace new experiences.  We have several trusted friends who we have come over to interact with the puppies.  Men, women, tall, short, beards, hats, a whole host of different looks for the puppies to become comfortable with.

This litter also now has full access to our adventure box.  This box is one we have made that has a variety of different items hanging at different heights.  There are various textures, lots of different sounds and things move all over the place.  This also is part of the desensitization process that is critical for puppies at this age.  By running through the various items, the puppies are exposed to unexpected sounds. 

Clanging, banging and wind chimes give them a lot of think about, process and learn about.  By having the items make these sounds and then having the puppies discover they are fund to play with we accomplish two goals – sound desensitization and confidence. 

These little Labradoodles have also graduated to eating a full raw diet without any goat’s milk now.  They also have all learned to LOVE our freeze-dried liver treats.  We are able to develop great recall at a young age by employing these treats.  When the puppies are outside and we want them to come back in, we call them with a “puppy, puppy, puppy” and shake the treat bag.  After just a couple of times, the puppies learn to respond to either only being called or the bag being shaken.  They know no matter what there will be treats waiting for them when they get in.  This sets all of them up for success with their families in all training situations.

The puppies all went as a group to their wellness exam at the vet this week as well.  At the wellness exam, puppies are checked for their overall health including their bite, their heart and genitalia.  All these Labradoodle puppies were found to be in excellent health by our treasured veterinarian, Ian Keery.

Light Blue

This puppy is a gleaming ebony puppy.  Light blue is in the middle of the litter.  He is neither a leader nor a follower. 

Light blue enjoys playing with all the different toys we have available for the puppies.  He also finds exploring outside to be one of the best things to do during his day.

Light blue sometimes likes to give Jai Jai and little roll over because he knows he can due to the difference in their sizes.  This is not to say he is a bully but rather that he is able to ascertain where he ranks within the group of puppies. 


This ebony puppy has a good amount of white on his chin and chest to set off the gorgeous black of her coat. 

This puppy is a soft fellow.  He is very gentle and kind as well as being eternally fun and happy.  This is a puppy who thinks running back and forth through the adventure box is one of the best things to do.

Red collar is very attracted to young children and enjoys being picked up and cuddled.  He also has good social skills with other dogs knowing when to be subservient and respecting the higher social status of mature dogs.


This puppy is genetically a chocolate sable but he presents with a good amount of red.  He looks almost identical to his Papa, Hombre and will mature to be very similar in looks to Hombre.

Purple is the largest puppy in the litter but he is also the most gentle of all the puppies.  Purple will be well suited to living with a child or adult who needs a bit of extra support from their dog.  Purple has great intuition and adjusts his behaviour so he fits well with whomever he is around. Purple also understand proper dog social behaviour and respects the more mature dogs he interacts with. 


This girl is a chocolate sable as well but a lighter brown colour.  She too has a lovely goatee and white on her chest.

Silver is one of the quieter puppies and toward the back of the group in that respect.  She is very happy to have the other puppies take the risks while she sits back, observes the outcome and then decide whether she too will participate.

Silver is a clever puppy who is a good amount of fun in a slightly quieter environment.  Silver will do well in a home office environment and with children over 5. 


Yellow is also a chocolate sable but a very dark one.  The black from his sable is still quite prominent.  It will clear out as time goes on.

Yellow is a highly intellectual dog who is quite serious and thoughtful.  Yellow is a highly independent dog and will thrive in an adult environment and also be a very quiet dog so suitable for apartment living. 

Yellow is well able to entertain himself and often chooses to spend time on his own rather than in the group with the other puppies.  He is very social but he also is a boy who enjoys his own company. 


Another of the lighter brown chocolate sable puppies in the litter.  Peach has lovely white markings on her chest and chin as well.  And Peach is such a fun girl.  This labradoodle puppy is a full-on imp.  She is mischievous, entertaining and full of fun.

This little girl is confident and outgoing.  Her tail is always going at ultra-high speed!  Peach will do well in a home without a current pet although she can easily be shaped to be good with an existing pet through our Head Start program.   

Peach is a very cute girl with her adorable pixie looks and personality to match. 

Jai Jai

This adoptee to the litter continues to amaze us with his confidence, charm and determination.  Our love for Jai Jai grows by leaps and bounds each day.  He is an absolute heart stealer.  If this is the type of puppy Smoochers is going to produce for us then we sure hope we see many, many more.

Jai Jai is a week behind the puppies chronologically but he has hit all the same milestones as the rest of the puppies with them.  This then puts him at a very advanced stage.  He already knows his name, he is great about coming when called and he has zero fear.

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