Mixed Bouquet Born

good morning sunshine

Just 10 minutes past midnight on July 3rd, Laynee delivered her firstborn.  This puppy is a gorgeous, wild agouti girl who arrived quickly and easily.  By just after 4:00 am, we had 7 large mini/small medium Australian Labradoodle puppies.

There are 6 girls and 1 male in this litter.  The last born puppy is the only male in the family.  He is going to have his paws full with 6 sisters to contend with!

The Labradoodle puppies all have incredible fleece coats that positively glow with health.  We have reds, a chocolate, a wild agouti, one ebony and the boy is either a wild agouti chocolate or a dilute chocolate – we can’t quite tell which he is yet.

Laynee had a very quick and uneventful delivery.  She handled the whole process with ease.  You would never know that this was her first time as a Mama Labradoodle. 

There are 6 girls and 1 male in this litter.  The last born puppy is the only male in the family. 

Laynee is devoted to her puppies and instantly began caring for them the moment they arrived.  Some girls take a little while to understand what their role is as a Mama dog but Laynee had everything under control immediately.

Puppies are born blind and deaf and also unable to eliminate on their own.  They are entirely dependent on their Mama to care for them in all ways.  Puppies use their strong sense of smell to locate Mama’s milk bar. 

Puppies also have little to no ability to control or regulate their body temperature.  A young puppy can perish from being cool or damp quite quickly.  While the puppies are infants, we keep the temperature warmer than usual at around 22 degrees Celsius.  It isn’t necessary to overheat the room to a warmer temperature.  When the nursery is kept too hot it becomes uncomfortable for the Mama dog and she may opt to step out of the whelping box in order to try and cool herself down.

Laynee is exceptionally devoted to her puppies.  She is not willing to leave her nest even to go outside to eliminate herself.  We have to pick her up and carry her outside.  Even then she rushes through things and bounds back to the front door and scratches like crazy to get back inside to her babies. 

When any of our dogs get near the whelping room, Laynee sends out a warning growl and tells everyone to keep away.  We have put fabric over the glass doors so she is unable to see the dogs or people passing by the whelping room now.  The last thing we want is for Laynee to be anxious or agitated.  A calm Mama means calm puppies.

It’s always wonderful to welcome a new litter of Labradoodle puppies to Van Isle Doodles.  There is something that is undeniably fulfilling about cradling a brand new life in your hands.  Watching our Mama dogs cherish their little charges is heartwarming.  New life brings so much promise and joy.

We are so excited to watch this litter develop.  We can’t wait to share all the milestones and news of these puppies with you.

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