Spring Fling Week 7

Puppy Update

The Spring Fling puppies are medium, multigeneration Australian Labradoodles.  The puppies were allocated to their families last week.  All the families are so excited to know which puppy they will be taking home with them.  We have focused on preparing the puppies for a successful transition to their new homes this past week at Van Isle Doodles. 

Crate training, desensitization to sounds, textures, strange people and dogs has been the focus.  Puppies in our Head Start program have customised experiences to suit their specific situations.  Green collar, for instance, will be spending time around dirt bikes and sea planes so extra work on really loud noises was done with him.  Calm, confident puppies is the goal.

Green -now Scout

Green collar is now Scout and going to live in Victoria.  Scout is also in our Head Strat program and his family can’t wait to have Scout join them on many different adventures.  Scout’s family enjoy dirt-biking, paddle-boarding, the beaches of Vancouver Island for swimming and canoeing.

Scout’s Dad is a pilot for Harbour Air so Scout needs to be completely comfortable in and out of sea planes and not concerned about the sounds they make or meeting lots of new friends!  Being comfortable with loud sounds is also key for successful family outings with the dirt bikes.

Scout has a wonderful, stable and calm demeanour.  When we worked with him on the sound desensitization, he happily accepted that if we found the sounds to be ok then he did too.  We are confident Scout is going to thrive with his new family and all the adventures he will enjoy in and around the Vancouver Island area. 

Scout learned to be comfortable and relaxed in his crate without too much difficulty.  Once he realized that it was a place he could enjoy a bone without any competition from the other Labradoodles, he decided it was a place he really liked to be! 

Brown - now Pender

Brown Collar’s name is now Pender and he will be living in Victoria.  Brown collar is going to a couple with one child who are anxious to have Pender complete their small family.  Pender will also be spending time going to work with his new Mom and providing comfort to people in a senior care facility.

Pender’s custom program through our Head Start program consisted of capitalzing on Pender’s natural traits of adaptability, intuition and calm.  Labradoodles are known for their strong intuition and Pender has shown us that he has that quality.  Our goal was to further enhance those natural tendencies that he possesses.  We wanted Pender to be able to readily size up a situation and recognize whether it was play time with his family or time to be a calming influence on a resident at the senior care centre.

We also focused on having Pender ready and able to successfully integrate with multiple caregivers.  This Labradoodle puppy will be going to work with his new Mom, going to daycare and spending time with various other caregivers in his life.  We spent time having Pender interact with a variety of different situations, people and locations to help him become comfortable with the variety in his life. 

Silver - now Lima

Silver collar is now Lima and she will be moving to Courtenay.  Lima is going to be living on the 3rd floor of a condominium building and enjoying a bushelful of attention from her retired pawrents.

Lima is in the Head Start program and we focused strongly on having Lima be very quiet in her crate so as not to disturb her nearby neighbours.  Like other dogs, Labradoodles find their crates to be a place where they feel safe and secure.  Puppies need a spot where they can rest and recoup from their spurts of energy throughout the day.  A crate also helps a puppy family work successfully with the puppy for house-training.  Crates provide a positive experience for everyone when introduced to a puppy in a proper and successful manner. 

Lima also had many experiences being desensitized to doors opening and closing and different people within her line of vision on the deck.  These custom experiences were designed to make Lima’s transition to condo life easier for both her and her pawrents.  These custom events were designed to mimic life in a condo setting where people are coming and going in the hallway and strangers are visible from the balcony. 

Yellow - now Chakra

Yellow collar girl is now Tully and she is going to be living in Langford.  This little puppy is not part of our Head Start program and had a few different opportunities come her way in terms of families.  Our initial placement for Yellow collar was with someone who did not care for her red and white tuxedo coloring.  We prefer to place our Labradoodle puppies with people focused on temperament and the right match for their lifestyle first and foremost so we mutually agreed with this family that we were not the right breeder fit for them.  We then opted to offer Yellow collar to a family who was on one of our future lists as she seemed like just the perfect puppy for them.  They were overjoyed at the opportunity to have Tully join their family.

Tully will be staying with us for a couple of extra weeks to accommodate her new families’ schedule and unexpected puppy arrival.  Tully will be living with a wonderful, young couple who have an adorable baby daughter.  Taylor, our assistant, personally referred this couple to us so we know that they are going to be marvelous Van Isle Doodle pawrents for Tully.

Purple - now Ollie

Purple Collar’s name is Ollie and he will be living in Victoria.  Ollie is in our Head Start program and his family is looking forward to a puppy who enjoys training sessions.  We focused on having Ollie become comfortable with wearing a collar and walking attached to a leash this week.  We also introduced Ollie to different children so he is completely at ease meeting his new BFF when he goes home next week.

Recall work and associating his name with positive experiences including a treat was also accomplished this week.  As a result of having individualized training, Ollie has developed strong eye contact and looks to people now for his cues as opposed to following his littermates’ examples. 

Crate training with this Labradoodle puppy was a breeze.  Right from the outset of training, Ollie would go into the crate with a toy, bone or chew and simply lie down.  We never heard a peep from this puppy while he was in the crate.  His usual routine would be to play with the toy or chew for a bit and then go sound to sleep.

We continue to reinforce all of Ollie’s accomplishments using freeze-dried liver treats as his reward.  Those are combined with lots of praise, snuggles and cuddles.  We expect Ollie will transition quite easily to his new home. 

Black - now Roxy

Black collar is now Roxy and she will also be going to live in Courtenay.  Roxy is such a lucky puppy as she will be joining a terrific, retired couple.  Lots of attention and time for Roxy plus an enviable, relaxed lifestyle.  Roxy will also need to be able to share her attention with several grandchildren. 

For Roxy’s Head Start custom program we focused on exposing Roxy to multiple different children of varying ages.  We ensured that Roxy was happy with children darting about, shouting, wrestling and carrying her around.  Labradoodles are excellent family dogs and truly enjoy being with children.  Roxy is no exception and she was always over-joyed when her extra kid time rolled around.

We also had Roxy spend time on her own without any other dogs around when we were working on the computer, watching TV or reading.  We wanted to ensure Roxy was content with the quieter lifestyle we imagine is part of being retired.  Labradoodles are intelligent dogs and Roxy had no problem learning to entertain herself while we were relaxing.  Labradoodles are also highly adaptable so going from time roughhousing with the grandchildren to spending time relaxing with Mom and Dad is an easy transition.

Orange - now Maizey
Red - now Jolie

Orange collar girl is now Maizey.  Maizey is our breeding prospect Labradoodle from the Spring Fling litter and will be going to living with her guardian family in Saanich.

Maizey is an adorable little Labradoodle who reminds us so much of her maternal grandmother, Bijoux.  Maizey is sassy, full of confidence and likes nothing better than to have her tummy rubbed.  Just like Bijoux, Maizey is always turning herself upside down and giving you her adorable puppy eyes asking for her tummy to be stroked.  We have to watch to be sure we don’t trip over her!

Maizey’s guardians are enjoying a lengthy vacation in France and Italy so she will be staying with us past the regular pick up-date.  During this time, we will be focusing on a variety of situations with Maizey.  She has 2 young children in her guardian family so we have had her spend a good amount of time with kids.  She seems to regard children as people she is incredibly fond of spending time with.  She loves to play and interact with kids and we think she is going to be very happy with her new guardian life. 

Red collar girl is the other breeding prospect in the Spring Fling litter.  But this breeding Labradoodle girl is going to be going to a different breeder all the ways in Germany!  Gina, the breeder who has purchased Red collar has decided to name her Jolie.  We think it’s wonderful that we have an Australian Labradoodle, born in Canada, with a French name who will be living in Germany.  Now that is one heck on an International Doodle!

Gina was looking for a great medium-sized Australian Labradoodle who is a phantom to add to her program.  She has a lovely male phantom from another breeder, so Jolie already has her husband picked out for her.

Jolie is a beautiful chocolate phantom Labradoodle.  Jolie also has a good amount of white markings so she is a stunning example of phantom patterned Australian Labradoodles.

Jolie will be with us until she is about 16 weeks old due to the international health requirements for importing a dog to Germany from Canada.  During this time, we will do extensive work with Jolie in terms of socialization and also to get her comfortable flying in the cabin of the plane for the flight to Germany. 

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