Liccorice Allsorts Family Visit

Puppy Update

Family Visit day at Van Isle Labradoodles is full of smiles and laughter.  The puppies all love the attention they get.  The families finally see the puppies in person and are able to touch them and hold them.  After the visit, the puppies all come out of their shells and blossom with confidence.  It is a transformative day for everyone.  We love hosting these events. 

​Family Visit day at Van Isle Labradoodles is full of smiles and laughter. It is a transformative day for everyone.


Purple is a character.  As the biggest puppy he could boss the others but he is gentle.  Purple gets into difficult situations frequently.  On the playground toy, Purple likes to get into the basketball hoop and then wonder how to get out. 


Pink is a petite puppy but fierce!  Loads of personality that is lively and fun.  Pink is social and enjoys conquering challenges such as the play slide.  Pink is always fond of a good cuddle as well.  A real cutie!


Red was a big hit at the family visit.  At least 3 families think Red should be their puppy!  Red is adorable with classic black and white markings.  Red has a sweet, soft personality to match those adorable looks. 

Light Blue

A rough and tumble puppy!  Light Blue has some serious swagger.  This puppy likes to command attention and let his littermates know that Light Blue is in the house!  At the same time, Light Blue lives for cuddles and snuggles from the humans. 


Silver enjoyed puppy family day.  Silver has beautiful, red colouring with lots of white abstract markings.  Silver is neither a leader or a follower.  Silver likes to play with the other puppies just and have a good cuddle from the humans.


Peach naturally draws people to her.  Peach has lovely soft, quiet mannerisms.  Peach makes you want to reach out and offer the best hug you have.  Peach is a quieter puppy but really enjoyed meeting everyone at the family visit.

Birth Weight: 293g
Current Weight: 1180g

Yellow is our strong, silent fellow in this litter.  Yellow liked meeting everyone but soon fell asleep on the lap of one of the young fellows who was visiting.  Yellow is a solid puppy, impossible to upset and quite independent. 

Jai Jai

Easily stealing the thunder from all the other puppies, Jai Jai showed us how social, feisty and advanced he is at 3 weeks.  Jai Jai may be a little guy but his heart is enormous.  Tenacity and determination are his middle names. 

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