Spring Fling Allocation

Puppy Update

Allocation day is highly anticipated for families on a litter reservation list.  After getting to know these labradoodle puppies through the weekly You Tube videos, at the family visit, Instagram and Facebook posts, nothing is more exciting than learning which of these labradoodle puppies will be going home with you.

The big reveal was done on You Tube for all the Spring Fling families and everyone was thrilled with the selections.

The purpose of matching puppies to families is to ensure the best possible fit.  Puppies of any breed are most often surrendered due to poor compatibility issues. 

Nobody is able to choose the best puppy for their lives after meeting a puppy just once or twice.  Puppy choices based on your ranking on a reservation list means if you are at the bottom of the list you receive the puppy who is left over.  This is not fair to the family or in the best interests of the puppy.

Spending time getting to know each family through various ways let’s us know what the key qualities are for the best Labradoodle puppy for you.  Spending more than 8 weeks getting to know each of the puppies allows us to determine what is the best situation for each puppy.

Several different people who interact with Van Isle Doodle puppies on a regular basis all provide input on what each puppy is like.  We put all the puppy information and family information together and start the matching process.  There are a lol of huge sheets of paper all across our walls while we do our selection process.  Our families and puppies are both set up for success and a long, loving relationship using this process.

Here is a synopsis of each puppy in the Spring Fling litter of medium sized Australian Labradoodle puppies and why they were matched to their family.

Green - now Scout

Scout is a gentle soul who adores being cuddled and spending time with children.  Scout is a well-balanced boy who does not become upset at distractions such as loud noises, rapid movements or unexpected events.  Scout thinks being in the water is marvelous and he is content with any type of caregiver.  Scout has endless patience and love to give to a family.

We matched Scout to the Stewart family as they needed a puppy who would not be alarmed at loud noises.  Scout will be spending time around seaplanes and dirt bikes so not being startled by sounds is an important trait to have.

The Stewart’s daughter adores dogs and sometimes can find new situations a bit unsettling.  Scout with his calm, even demeanour and stout size will help her to find comfort with his sturdy and reassuring presence. 

Scout’s family participate in many water sports such as paddle boarding, swimming, going to the many beaches of Vancouver Island and canoeing.  Scout is going to think he is in heaven with all that time having fun in and on the water. 

Scout will have a variety of caregivers and go to work with both Mom and Dad.  His enjoyment meeting different people and being around different people and in multiple situations will make this a lifestyle he will thrive in.

Brown - now Pender

Pender is an intuitive and very gentle soul.  Pender relates well to both children and older adults.  Pender likes to have his environment be one that is quiet and calm.

Pender prefers people to other dogs and takes all his cues from the humans around him.  Pender really likes to determine what behaviour his people want from him and then deliver that behaviour.

Pender has many of the typical Labradoodle hallmarks; intelligence, eager to learn, wants to please, intuitive and deeply affectionate.

Pender choose the Danks family to be his furever home.  The Danks are a small family unit who enjoy a quiet and relaxed lifestyle.  Pender will fit in perfectly in that type of environment.

The Danks’ daughter has been longing for a puppy for quite some time.  Pender has all the qualities needed to develop a lifetime bond with his new small person.  Being BFFs is definitely in the future for these two.

Pender will be spending some time going to work with his Mom at a senior care facility.  His calm demeanour as well as his well-developed intuition will serve him well in this environment.  Pender will bring much comfort and produce many smiles on the faces of the residents of the facility.  He is a gorgeous boy with a lovely soft, fleece coat.  For many people, the simple act of stroking a soft dog is therapeutic.  We know Pender is going to love that part of his “job”.

Silver - now Lima

Lima is one of the smaller puppies making her ideal for her new life with the Wilsons in a condominium.  Lima is a quiet girl who will not be distracted by the comings and goings of neighbours in the condo development.

Lima is simply adorable with her classic good looks in gleaming ebony with white abstract markings to set her off beautifully.  Lima’s temperament is loving and soft making her an ideal choice for first time dog owners such as the Wilsons.

Lima loves being around people so having pawrents who are retired is the perfect fit.  Lima adores being cuddled as well as learning new things and just enjoying life at an easy, comfortable pace.

Lima did very well with her leash training.  Lima will be living in Courtenay so she will be able to demonstrate those skills on the many beautiful walkways throughout the town.

Lima’s outgoing nature will be a great fit for going on strolls and meeting new friends both canine and human alike.  We predict the Wilsons will have a much wider circle of acquaintances with Lima as part of their family.  People are naturally drawn to Lima’s open, soft expression and her classic black and white good looks.

Yellow - now Chakra

Chakra is a delightful puppy.  She is one of the smaller puppies in the litter but with an enormous capacity to love.  Chakra also possesses enormous patience and the ability to amuse herself successfully.  Chakra is equally as fond of other dogs as she is of people.

Chakra is going to join the Yeudall family.  Chakra will have a wonderful human Mommy and an instant BFF in her Labradoodle brother, Bohdi.  The absolute ideal situation for Chakra to thrive in.

Chakra is also going to be spending her days at the office with Bohdi and Mom.  We expect there will be a surge in visits to the office once word gets out that Bohdi has a new baby sister.

Chakra is a puppy who understands well what doggie social skills are necessary to join a family with an existing Labradoodle in the home already.  Chakra possesses the necessary intelligence to quickly assess Bohdi’s established station within the new family unit and to respect that.

Chakra has a lovely easy way about her that will make going to the office with Bohdi something she looks forward to.  Bohdi will be happy to include her in fun activities as Chakra shows him the respect he is due as the “senior” family member.

Purple - now Ollie

Ollie is a beautiful boy with an enormous capacity for understanding and love.  Ollie simply adores people and determining what he needs to do to make them content.  Ollie likes other dogs but his favourite thing is to be with children. 

Ollie has chosen the Chapin family for his furever home.  Ollie can’t wait to become the very best of friends with his new human “sister”.  Ollie is also going to be impatiently waiting to meet all of her friends from school.  We expect the Chapin house will quickly become “the” place to be now that there is a fluffy fur baby in residence.

Ollie is an intelligent dog who is very easy-going.  Ollie has no desire to resist any instructions that are given to him.  His goal is to fit in and make everyone around him happy.

Ollie will enjoy training sessions with the adults in his home.  Ollie will also be thrilled that his new Mom will be home with him full-time.  Ollie will learn quickly and be excited to snuggle, go for car rides to do errands, help in the garden and go for walks in the nearby parks and beaches of Victoria. 

Black - now Roxy

Roxy is the smallest puppy in the Spring Fling litter.  Roxy loves to be snuggled, go for walks and to play with kids. 

Roxy showed us that she adores all young children by consistently seeking them out when given the opportunity to do so. 

Roxy is joining the Engisch family where she will enjoy the company of her retired pawrents on a full-time basis.  Roxy will also welcome visits from many grandchildren giving her the best of both worlds.

Roxy is a true sweetheart with very gentle ways.  Roxy likes to burrow right into the side of your neck with a sign of contentment.  Being snuggled is one of Roxy’s happiest activities.

Roxy will be living in Courtenay so enjoy meeting up with Lima for some lovely strolls along the water.  Roxy and Lima have been great pals all along and we suspect that will continue to be the case.

Roxy is happy to learn new skills and make her people happy.  She is a clever girl who is also intuitive.  Roxy knows when it is time to play and be lively and when it is time to be quiet and relax.

Orange - now Maizey
Red - now Jolie

Maizey is our choice as a breeding prospect for Van Isle Labradoodles.  Red collar is our choice as a breeding prospect for our friend in Germany who is a Labradoodle breeder.

Many people ask us how we choose our breeding prospects.  People often feel it must be for the colour or pattern of the dog.

The primary goal when choosing a breeding Labradoodle is for the dog to closely match the breed standard as set out by WALA.

The breed standard requires a certain conformation which is the physical structure of the dog.  The standard also requires a certain temperament of dog to be considered a good candidate for breeding purposes.

At Van Isle Labradoodles we have more qualities we look for in a breeding dog as well.  We look for dogs who have an outgoing temperament.  We strive to find prospects who are highly people focused with a great positive demeanour.

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