Licorice Allsorts are 5 Weeks Old

Puppy Update

The Licorice Allsorts litter of mini Australian Labradoodles are starting to learn lots of new and fun skills.  As seems to happen with all our litters, after our family visit, the puppies experience something akin to a second birth. 

Personalities begin to emerge, confidence has a base on which to continue to develop, curiosity surpasses hesitation.  It is one of the most exciting and interesting times for us with the puppies.  The puppies move from being focused on quiet, tactile experiences to wanting to interact more with one another, toys and the outdoors. 

These little Labradoodles are all outdoor enthusiasts.  They are asking us more and more frequently now for time outside where they enjoy the many new sights, scents and sounds of our property.


 After our family visit, the puppies experience something akin to a second birth.

The puppies are still too small to use the doggie door so we leave the man door open for them.  They have all mastered the ramp though and have fun rushing out and seeing who is going to be the first one out the door.

The puppies also really like to explore and are adventurous when we open the gates and give them access to the full back of the property.  They race through the grassy areas.  They stop and sniff and play among the shrubs and bushes in the garden areas.  And they really enjoy waking around the pond and smelling all the rabbits, birds, mice and other scents of the various creatures who visit our pond.

This is a litter of very confident puppies.  Usually puppies take two or three times outside before they are comfortable venturing further out the back to explore more of the big world.  Not these puppies.  The very first time they went outside the puppies were racing all over the smaller outdoor enclosure next to the house.  There were several of them at the big gate wanting to see what was on the other side.  They all interacted with the play equipment, spent considerable time exploring the trees and hedging and none of them wanted to go back inside for quite some time.

This litter of mini Labradoodles is a happy group who are full of fun and high spirits.  They enjoy tumbling around with one another, there are lots of growls and barks that we hear as they argue as to who has the right to a favourite toy or treat.  They make us smile and laugh with their antics.  This is a group of puppies who are going to bring a lot of lively and fun experiences to their families.


This gorgeous ebony boy is a lovely, gentle puppy.  His distinctive goatee and white bib set off the richness of his colouring.  This puppy is very easy-going and gets along with all of his littermates.  He is a typical Labradoodle puppy and loves to interact with people and get lots of snuggle time. 

Red collar enjoys his time outside and is eager to explore his new, bigger world.  Red is just beginning to use his voice with some little growls here and there.  This is a content puppy who is in the middle of the pack. 

Current Weight: 2100g

This male labradoodle puppy is stunning.  His rich, chocolate, sable coat is beginning to clear out and the deep chocolate is beginning to show through more and more.

Yellow is an independent puppy.  Yellow enjoys spending time on his own.  Yellow will often prefer to play independently and is content to observe what the rest of the gang are doing.  Yellow enjoys spending time with his people and is very fond of being cuddled.  When it is nap time then Yellow wants to be with the rest of the litter all snuggled up together. 

Current Weight: 1960g

Peach is a chocolate sable girl with a lovely milk chocolate coloured coat.  Peach is the imp of the litter.  She is mischievous and sometimes a trouble-maker with her siblings.  Peach likes to stir things up with her littermates and get the action going!

Peach has a lot of confidence and is quite outgoing.  She does tend to rely on her littermate, Pink collar to be her “support” system but the two of them together are the dynamos of the group.  Peach is an energetic puppy who knows how to use her voice and let everyone know her thoughts.

Current Weight: 1750g

This male labradoodle puppy is a chocolate sable with lots red tones.  This is the biggest puppy in the litter.  Purple is gentle and never bossy.  This puppy is in the middle of the pack.  He is happy to get along with anyone and loves the humans.

Purple is a puppy with good confidence.  He also is a thoughtful puppy who doesn’t dash off to be the first to try something new.  Rather, Purple likes to observe those leaders, analyze the results and then determine if that is an activity he wants to participate in.  This puppy shows us all the intelligence that Labradoodles are known for.

Current Weight: 2240g

This is the monkey of the litter!  Pink is the tiniest but larger than life.  Pink is full of chutzpah!  Plenty of sass, adorable impishness and just the cutest little face in an adorable package.  They say good things come in small packages and this little Labradoodle proves that point!

Pink is full of adventure, energy and joy.  Pink can’t wait for the next adventure to begin.  She does not hesitate to try anything and everything.  Confident is an understatement for this puppy!  Pink gets along well with her siblings.  Pink also adores being held and snuggled – until she is ready for her next adventure that is!

Current Weight: 1480g

Silver is similar to Pink in that he has a zest for life.  Silver likes to be fully involved in all activities and takes his play time seriously.  Silver is happy to interact with all of the other puppies and embraces challenges with open paws.

Silver also enjoys interacting with people.  He is quick to come and ask for a hug and cuddle.  Silver, Peach and Pink collar can often be found together hatching up some devious plot to get all the toys from the other puppies.  They are the 3 musketeers of this litter.  Incredibly entertaining puppies.  Silver is a super fun puppy.

Current Weight: 1900g
Light Blue

Another ebony puppy, Lblue has the most adorable Teddy Bear face.  Lblue was the first puppy in the litter to use his voice.  We often hear him running about growling at his toys and siblings.  Light blue likes to use his voice to try and stir things up with the other puppies.  This boy is a bit of a devil sometimes!

Lblue just loves his snuggle time and frequently asks us for hugs and cuddles.  He knows how to use his adorable teddy bear good looks to be the puppy picked up first.  Another clever Labradoodle!

Current Weight: 1540g
Jai Jai

Jai Jai is 4 weeks old and the definition of fierce.  This adoptee is amazing with his ability to keep up with puppies who arel week older than he is.  A week may not seem like a long time, but when your life is comprised of 780 weeks, it is a HUGE span of time, especially when you are an infant.

Jai Jai is affectionate, kind, sharp as a tack and has a tenacity we have not seen in many puppies.  Jai Jai never becomes frustrated and when faced with a challenge.  He simply sorts out a solution for himself.  This puppy is truly remarkable and has our absolute respect for ingenuity and his equanimity. 

Current Weight: 1370g
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