Licorice Allsorts Allocation

Puppy Update

This week is allocation week for the families with a reservation for a Labradoodle puppy from this litter.  This is a day that has been highly anticipated by all the families.  Everyone is so excited to find out which of the puppies has chosen them to be their furever family.

Allocation day is the time when we begin to prepare ourselves to say good-bye to the puppies.  While it is always sad to see them leave us, the puppies are all ready to leave the nest and find their own individual families.  It’s a time of wonderful new beginnings for each puppy as well as a time of great excitement for the families. 

There has been a good deal of human involvement with the selection process.  Renald, Taylor and myself all do an independent assessment of each puppy.  The three of us have copious notes on each puppy that we keep right from day one.  Each of us also makes daily observations and does formal temperament assessment when the puppies are seven weeks old.  These assessments combined with the detailed information we have from each family allows us to make the most appropriate match between Labradoodle and family.

We match our Labradoodle puppies with our families as opposed to having families pick their puppy in order to ensure the best possible chance of success.  Each of us has spent literally hundreds of hours with the puppies.  We know them inside and out.  Right from the moment we delivered the tiny, deaf and blind puppies into the world to the moment they leave our home, we are there observing them and watching their personalities develop.  This level of interaction gives us the confidence that we understand each puppy’s temperament as it has developed up to the seven week mark. 

Light Blue

This beautiful ebony Labradoodle puppy is a gentle and quiet puppy.  Light Blue is a very sensitive Labradoodle who is just so sweet with his soft mannerisms.  Light blue is not interested in being a leader and does not have any desire to compete with other dogs or respond strongly to sounds in his environment.  Light Blue is a big fan of the water and enjoys splashing in his water bowl and in the wading pool we have for the puppies.  Labradoodles as a general rule enjoy the water and Light Blue is no exception. 

Light Blue has chosen the Anthony family from Victoria, BC to be his furever pawrents.  The Anthony family has two adorable, young boys who are going to enjoy growing up with their new Labradoodle puppy.  Light Blue’s calm and gentle mannerisms will stand him in good stead with these two younger children.  Light Blue has lots of fun and get up and go but he knows how to temper that around children who require a bit of a softer touch.  When one of Light Blue’s adults wants to go for a trail run, mountain biking, camping or swimming at the beach though, Light Blue will be all for that. 


This chocolate sable Labradoodle puppy is the epitome of his Papa, Hombre.  Not only do both of these boys resemble one another in terms of their looks, the also mirror each other in terms of their temperament.  Hombre comes from a long line of therapy dogs at Van Isle Labradoodles and he has the intuition that Labradoodles are known for to be a wonderful therapy dog as well as an excellent companion dog.

Purple has chosen the Wong family to be his furever pawrents.  Purple is so excited to become Austin’s new BFF and be moving to Burnaby, BC.  Purple is a Labradoodle who excels in strong eye contact.  Purple also is more than happy to have someone be up close and personal with him.  We know Austin also likes face-to-face contact so what a perfect match!  And Purple is going to be so excited that he has a canine big brother to live with.  Shaggy will be pleased that Purple has good doggie etiquette and will know to respect his position in the household.


This chocolate, sable Labradoodle puppy is a puppy who is choke full of fun, play and smiles.  Silver ADORES children and every minute of life.  Silver likes to go full out when it is play time but she is also excellent at understanding when it is time to be calm and quiet.  Silver enjoys both playing with others and on her own.  She has excellent self-amusement skills.

Silver has chosen the Guild family who live in Nanaimo as her furever pawrents.  Silver is going to be delighted to be joining a family with two children who have lots of friends over frequently.  She will be joining a busy household which is right up her alley.  Silver will be working as an assistant to her new Dad in his home office.  She will keep him company as well as know when to be quiet during business calls.  Lots of walks, car rides and company outside of working hours will make Silver one very happy and lucky Labradoodle puppy. 


This ebony sable Labradoodle puppy is our quiet, steady fellow from the litter.  Yellow is a thinker and very independent young boy.  This Labradoodle is such a clever little guy that he will be a dream to train.  Yellow will also be the ideal dog to have in the family when it is time to add a baby to the mix.  Hint hint!!

Yellow has selected the Vliestra family from Burnaby, BC to be her furever pawrents.  Yellow’s new family lives in a condo so his lovely calm and quiet temperament will be a bonus for that type of living environment.  Yellow will not be distracted by the sounds of neighbours coming and going from their units or seeing different people from the balcony.  Yellow will be his new Dad’s first dog.  With his easy-going manner and willingness to learn, he will make Dad look like a pro!  Yellow will also be very comfortable going to either of his new pawrents’ workplace and will be sure to enjoy endless snuggles and attention from his new co-workers.


Peach and Silver have been great friends while littermates.  Peach has the fastest tail wagging speed I think of any Labradoodle puppy we have raised.  This is a puppy who thinks life is an adventure waiting to happen and can’t wait to be in the midst of it.  Intuitive, adaptable and exceptionally kind, Peach is a lovely balance of all the best traits Labradoodles offer.

Peach has chosen to join the Spencer family in Victoria.  Peach is also going to have a job with her new family working with her Mom in the medical field.  Peach’s strong intuition and sense of when to be comforting will be of great assistance in this role.  Peach is going to fit in nicely with the older children in the family.  We expect her favourite things will be going camping and enjoying a plethora of water sports.  Vancouver Island offers so many beaches, lakes and other water adventures that we’re sure she will be quite content.  Being adaptable will allow Peach to enjoy the different caregivers in her life from grandparents through to a dog sitter from time to time.


This puppy just exudes joy!  Happy, upbeat and full of positivity this black and white Labradoodle puppy greets each new experience with open paws.  Red is the type of puppy who will attract a lot of attention with his head-turning good looks.  His classic black and white appearance combined with his winning personality, just naturally pulls people in.

Red has chosen the Alix family as his furvever home in Victoria, BC.  Red is going to be overjoyed to have two young boys as his BFFs and to grow up with.  Red’s parents are both employed by the military and he are pretty sure he will find it easy to work with a good amount of structure in his life.  Red is going to have two cats to live with and keep him company for the short periods of time he is left home alone with his pawrents are otherwise occupied.  Red loves puppies, small children and always shows them respect and kindness so we feel he will do well with the cats in his life.  We hope the cats also think adding a Labradoodle puppy to their lives was a good decision by their pawrents!

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