Spring Fling Go Home

Puppy Update

The Labradoodle puppies from the Spring Fling litter have left Van Isle Doodles and are off to their furever families.  It is a bittersweet time when our puppies leave us.  We know they will be much loved and that it is time for each of them to have a family of their own but we still miss them so much when they leave.  These puppies are our family members forever even though they aren’t living with us physically. 

Weekly video updates, emails with educational information and the Van Isle Doodle You Tube channel all help set our families up for success with their new Labradoodle puppy.  Interacting with our larger community through the private owners’ Facebook page gives our families lots of practical, hands-on advice.  And the customized Head Start program we offer to our families really gets their puppy off on the right paw.  We are always excited to receive updates from our families on how well their Labradoodle puppy has fit in to their lifestyles. 

Green - now Buddy

This gorgeous black and white Labradoodle is off to Victoria and many new adventures.  Buddy is such a perfect name for this guy as that is exactly what he is going to be to many different people in his life.  Buddy’s new family LOVE to participate in a lot of different outdoor activities.  On Vancouver Island we are so fortunate to have myriad beaches to enjoy, trails, forests and endless opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Buddy’s Dad is a seaplane pilot and if that isn’t quintessentially Vancouver Island, then I don’t know what is. 

Buddy will be having a great time flying on Harbour Air with Dad from time to time, going to school with his Mom who is a teacher, going on active, outdoor, group walks or being cared for by other family members.  What a lucky Labradoodle this fellow is.  Buddy will also be participating in many water sports such as canoeing, swimming in the ocean and maybe even paddle boarding.  Dirt biking is another regular family activity for this family.  Buddy has great kids in his family and they will be the centre of his life as they all grow up together. 

Brown - now Pender

Pender is this Labradoodle’s new name.  Pender is going to a small family to make them complete.  This will be a first puppy for Pender’s Mom and so a Labradoodle was a great breed choice for this family.  Labradoodles are known for their intelligence and how easy they are to train.  Nothing sets you up for success as a first time dog pawrent more than having a puppy who is ready, willing and able to learn quickly and willingly.  Pender is also lucky to have a new BFF to grow up with in his family.  As Labradoodles are such great family dogs, we feel all the bases are covered for this great family who are located in Victoria.

Pender will have a variety of different situations in his day-to-day life.  Being adaptable, calm and stable makes Labradoodles able to handle many different environments with ease.  Pender will be going to work at a seniors’ tertiary care centre with his Mom on some days, to daycare on other days and be cared for by other family members as well.  We know Pender is going to thrive with all the variety in his life.

Silver - now Lima

Lima is the petite black and white tuxedo puppy from this litter.  Labradoodles with the tuxedo pattern catch everyone’s eye.  It is a stunning pattern and in classic back and white it is particularly fetching.  Lima is one of the smaller Labradoodles in this litter and that will bode well for her new life in a condominium in Courtney on Vancouver Island.  With Lima, we customized her Head Start program so she was not bothered by doors opening and closing in hallways or seeing different people off of a balcony.  Godd manners and a quiet dog are important for successful condo life.

Lima’s pawrents are first time dog owners and Lima’s high intelligence and willingness to learn will be helpful for everyone to enjoy a successful relationship right from the start.  Lima was a bit resistant to sleeping in her crate initially so we also focused a great deal of effort and energy on having that skill mastered before she went to her new home.  Lima is a puppy who has lots of mischief about her and a fun personality.  But Lima adores being cuddled and lives for the love of her people. 

Yellow - now Tully

Tully is the gentle Labradoodle in this litter and the quietest one as well.  We have never heard Tully’s voice and she has never been anything but full of affection and a strong desire to cuddle.  Tully’s new family live in Langford and they have a brand-new baby daughter.  New babies and a new puppy can be overwhelming for some but Tully’s new Mom and Dad have everything well in hand.  Everly, the baby had multiple experiences with other puppies to prepare her and the family for when Tully came home to be with them.

As you can see by the photo, it was love at first sight for Tully and Everly.  Tully’s natural inclination is to be protective of her people and to also seek protection from them.  Tully will be drawn to developing a strong and deep bond with Everly and the two of them will grow up together enjoying an amazing friendship.  Tully’s Mom and Dad are focused on doing everything they can to make their home a place full of fun, laughter, love and respect for one another.  What environment could be better than that for a Labradoodle puppy to spend their life in?

Purple - now Ollie

Ollie is a beautiful, quiet, sweet Labradoodle puppy who just can’t wait to have a family to shower his affection on.  Ollie has been the calmest and quietest puppy in this entire litter of Labradoodles puppies.  Ollie takes everything in stride, nothing causes him to be fussed and he just wants to be everyone’s BFF.  Ollie’s family has a wonderful young girl who has been waiting patiently for several years to have a dog to call her BFF.  The perfect match – a Labradoodle looking for a BFF and a young girl looking for a Labradoodle BFF.

Ollie’s family live in Victoria and enjoy a quiet lifestyle together.  Mom works from home so Ollie will be her new assistant.  We hope he doesn’t ask for too many raises!  Ollie’s Dad enjoys training dogs and has had experience in this so we expect Ollie will have impeccable manners very quickly.  One thing we know already, Ollie LOVES his crate.  There will be no issues with crate training with this puppy.  His Head Start program helped him nail that with ease. 

Black - now Roxy

Roxy is a great name for this Labradoodle puppy.  She is a sassy puppy who is also full of love and snuggles.  Roxy is a Labradoodle who is very social, adaptable and crazy about people.  Just a terrific family dog and one who will succeed in multiple situations.  Roxy will be living in Courtenay on Vancouver Island with her pawrents who are retired.  We know this will be right up her alley as that means loads of time and attention for Roxy.

Grandchildren are also going to be a part of this Labradoodle puppy’s regular routine.  Roxy is a typical Labradoodle in that she adores children.  She can’t wait to play with kids, allow them to dress her up and be entirely accepting of whatever they want to do with her.  Australian Labradoodles make marvelous family dogs and Roxy is no exception.  We expect to hear lots of great reviews about how well Roxy has settled in and how much the grandchildren are in love with their grandparents’ new Labradoodle. 

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