Moonbeams Litter Allocation


Listen as Claire tells us about the personality of each of these mini labradoodle puppies in the video. Claire will also tell us what each family was looking to find in their labradoodle puppy.

Matching the right mini labradoodle to the right family is something experienced, professional labradoodle breeders do to ensure a successful match that lasts a lifetime.

Van Isle Doodles always takes any of their Australian labradoodles back if for any reason a family is unable to continue to care for their labradoodle puppy. Many families even leave specific instructions in their wills for their labradoodles to go to Van Isle Doodles should anything happen to them.

Raising labradoodle puppies is a responsibility that doesn’t end when we send our puppies home. At Van Isle Doodles we remain part of your Australian labradoodle’s life permanently.

Moonbeams Puppies 4 weeks old Description: Enjoy seeing how these labradoodle puppies are beginning to interact with one another. Watch as these Australian labradoodle puppies are playing with a

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