Moonbeams Litter at 2 Weeks


Look at these adorable mini Australian labradoodle puppies with their eyes open! Both of the mini labradoodle puppies in the Moonbeams litter from Van Isle Doodles have opened their eyes.

They can’t see much yet other than shapes but now we can get to know them better.

Watch this YouTube video about Australian labradoodle puppies and also learn more about how to find the perfect puppy trainer for your new puppy.

Claire will also tell us about how to pick a good groomer for your Australian labradoodle puppy. A good groomer can make or break how your mini labradoodle puppy looks and how they feel about going to the groomer.

See how to give your labradoodle eye drops in this YouTube video as well. Claire will demonstrate how to hold your labradoodle’s head, open their eye up to receive the drops and shows you how they are administered.

Lots of good tips and tricks here for labradoodle puppy families. We hope you really enjoy our video.

Moonbeams Puppies 4 weeks old Description: Enjoy seeing how these labradoodle puppies are beginning to interact with one another. Watch as these Australian labradoodle puppies are playing with a

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