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Do You See What We See?

10 gorgeous eyes look at me intently trying to figure out just what that big blur is that they see throughout the day. The Ruby Gems litter all have their eyes wide open and are taking in their surroundings with a great deal of interest.

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Ruby Gems Have Arrived!

Pippa was very considerate and gave us a fairly quick daytime delivery on Friday, May 12th. We started with a true ruby, a solid red fellow who was followed by three gorgeous red and white gems and we finished up with a solid gold puppy because all rubies need some gold to set them off!

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Family Visits!

Already the Pawsitively Perfect litter of labradoodle puppies is 5 weeks old! Where did the time go? And this week we have seen many changes in the puppies.

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Labradoodle Puppies trying to eat

We Can See! We Can Hear! We Can Sort of Eat…

Well hello world! Wow, this place sure has a lot of things to look at and so many sounds going on all around us. I expect that is likely what is going through the heads of the Pawsitively Perfect labradoodle puppy brains now that they can see a bit better and their ears are opening up.

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Labradoodle Puppies

We Can See!

Well the first major milestone for the Pawsitively Perfect litter has arrived! All five of these beautiful labradoodle puppies have their eyes open now.

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