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Labradoodle mom feeding 8 puppies, 6 black, 2 red, less than 1 week old.

Adios Bijoux Puppies Arrive

Puppies: Adios Bijoux puppies arrive With her usual generosity, Bijoux delivered the eight labradoodle puppies who make up the Adios Bijoux litter easily, quickly, and

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Going Home bags of goodies for Milky Way Litter

“Milky Way” Puppies Go Home!

8 weeks flew by and our Milky Way puppies have all left us for their furever homes now. We will miss their lovely little labradoodle faces smiling at us in greeting every morning…

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Milky Way 6 Weeks Old!

These puppies have really come into their own this past week. Personalities are evident, coordination is vastly improved, curiosity is insatiable and the hierarchy within the group is being vied for constantly.

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