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Whole litter all awake and interacting

Blonde Brownies 6 Weeks-Video

Helpful information on feeding your dog a raw diet.
The puppies are really starting to show us who they are, this video will give you a little information about how we do assessments that help with the allocation process.

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Black, brown, black and white puppies are curled up on top of each other sleeping in their bed

Blonde Brownies 5 Weeks Old-Video

Today we see the puppies with more developed personalities. There have been some big changes in personality and its just adorable to see. We also have a big update on one of our little guys!

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Upside down balck and white puppy sleeping with two brown puppies sleeping on top of each other

Blonde Brownies are 3 Weeks Old-Video

Van Isle Labradoodles litter of medium multigeneration Australian Labradoodle puppies at 3 weeks of age. Information on housetraining your Labradoodle puppy. Information on Crate training your Labradoodle puppy.

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