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Six labradoodle puppies nursing at mom

Blonde Brownies are Born!

Puppies Blonde Brownies are Born! Litter:Blonde Brownies Video Title: Birth Mom: Spirit Date: October 20, 2018 Description: Claire introduces us to the Blonde Brownies. She

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Five 2 week old labradoodle puppies in a blue bed, 3 caramel and 2 chcocolate and cuddled up and sleeping

Puppies: We Have Eyes!

Puppies Mahogany-Lace are two weeks old we have eyes! The Mahogany Lace puppies have reached their first major milestone; they all have their eyes open. 

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Introducing Spirit!

We are so pleased to announce Spirit has now passed all her health testing with flying colours and will be part of the Van Isle Doodle team.

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